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Many of the issues I deal with are about trust.  Brene Brown has a new acronym which does an excellent job of describing the characteristics of trust. She talks about braving when dealing with trust. The specifics of braving are:

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In thinking about these characteristics, think about the people you trust.  What reasons do you trust them?  What reasons do you have for not trusting someone?  This may help you figure out the reasons you struggle with a relationship. 

Being Kind

I couldn't make up my mind what needed to be said on the blog.  Something inspirational, something worthy of my blog.  My mind is blank.  Oh yeah, I'm trying too hard.  Just the kind of thing I would tell clients to watch.  So, you get to watch me try too hard.  I love the humanness of this process.  Then inspiration does come. 

On the show Sunday Morning, there was a small piece about a Starbucks employee that learned American Sign Language for a customer.  Kindness.  What the employee did was kind.  They were not asked to do it by their supervisor.  The customer was not aware of it, did not report having problems communicating.  The employee did it because she wanted to do the right thing. 

There is a difference between being kind and being nice.  Being nice can be superficial, something we do without thought.  It is a brief smile towards someone without realizing who the person is.  Kindness comes with thought.  It is intentional, done with awareness and adds meaning to the day.  Sometimes we may not be aware that the person was being kind to us, because we are not aware of what they had to go through to be kind.  That says a lot about us.  I want to be kind.  I try to be aware when others are kind.  That is a start.  Let's just start and practice at being kind. 

What is one kind thing you can do today? 

Happy New Year

It seems many people like to focus on changes for the New Year.  It is seen as a way to set goals, focus on new ideas, maybe re-invent ourselves.  All good thoughts.  I hope to remember to keep things in a positive thought.  To encourage, not hinder.  To create, not limit.  To believe in the hope of a positive self, a healthier self.  Peaceful, calm, focused, pleasant. 

When I first started my private practice, I called the business Solace Counseling.  Solace means to comfort, support, console, give relief.  While I may not use the business name as much, I hope that I am able to support and give relief when counseling.  It is also what I hope to teach others to do for themselves.  It is what I hope to do for myself.  Self-soothe and calm.

I use these terms to help us think about wellness and being present in the day.  Not to just think about the whole year, but today.  What is my intent for today?  What will fulfill me?  How can I be of service? 

May your day be peaceful and you feel at peace.


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