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Happy New Year

It seems many people like to focus on changes for the New Year.  It is seen as a way to set goals, focus on new ideas, maybe re-invent ourselves.  All good thoughts.  I hope to remember to keep things in a positive thought.  To encourage, not hinder.  To create, not limit.  To believe in the hope of a positive self, a healthier self.  Peaceful, calm, focused, pleasant. 

When I first started my private practice, I called the business Solace Counseling.  Solace means to comfort, support, console, give relief.  While I may not use the business name as much, I hope that I am able to support and give relief when counseling.  It is also what I hope to teach others to do for themselves.  It is what I hope to do for myself.  Self-soothe and calm.

I use these terms to help us think about wellness and being present in the day.  Not to just think about the whole year, but today.  What is my intent for today?  What will fulfill me?  How can I be of service? 

May your day be peaceful and you feel at peace.


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